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SmartHub Fix 2017

Samsung SmartHub Issue (2017)

Certain Samsung Smart TVs have had a recent issue with their Smart Hubs disappearing, If you’ve experienced this issue on your Samsung Smart TV, we have the solution for you.

1. Open the Menu on your TV.

This can be done by clicking the Menu button on your Samsung remote. If you do not have a Samsung remote available, you can access the menu using your cable remote by first selecting TV on the remote and then clicking Menu. If you have neither remote, you can access the Samsung Menu by hitting the physical buttons on the TV.


2. Go to Support


3. In Support, select Self Diagnosis


4. In the Self Diagnosis menu, select Reset Smart Hub

After you select Reset Smart Hub, the TV will take about two minutes to restore your Smart settings and restart. Be aware that this process will erase all of your downloaded apps and saved passwords. You will need to re-download them and sign back in after the process is complete.


4.5. Enter PIN code

If you have never set up a PIN code, enter “0000”.



After the TV has completed its restoration and turned back on, hit the SmartHub button on your remote. If the Smart Hub is still not appearing, you may need to contact Samsung for further assistance.


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