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Sonos wireless home music system is the easiest way to get music throughout your home with out the hassle of running wires through walls and ceilings.  Sonos allows a user to have up to 32 different zones (or rooms) playing 32 different music sources at once!  Imagine yourself taking a relaxing bath listing to Vivaldi, while your husband is rocking out listing to The Who in his workshop, meanwhile the kids are listing to Lady Gaga in the basement with their friends. Sonos is so intuitive and easy to use any one can work the system, guaranteed!


  • Stream online music from sources like Pandora Radio, Sirius/XM, Rhapsody, Spotify, Internet Radio Stations, and more!
  • Deliver music stored directly on your mobile device to any room in your house
  • Access different music in different rooms or play the same music throughout the house
  • Seamlessly control each music zone with your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or computer
  • Integrate your existing audio speakers or stereo

Sonos Bridge: The Sonos Bridge is the beginning component to any Sonos audio system.  The Bridge connects to your internet router to access online music content from sources like Sirius/XM, Rhapsody, Pandora Radio and more.

Play:1 The introductory speaker to the Sonos system, the newest component the Play:1 is a small speaker with a powerful sound. It is a perfect speaker for a bedside table or a small room where you want to add audio.  Use your mobile device to control volume and contents from providers like Pandora, Sirius, Internet Radio, and more!

Play:3 The Play:3 powered speaker is a perfect fit for any small room that you want lighted up with music.  This small speaker only needs a power outlet and you are ready to go.  Just like any other zone, these speakers are controlled with your mobile device or computer to browse and change music selections as well as volume.  Available in white or black finishes.

Play:5 The Play:5 is the larger version of the Play:3.  With a 5 driver and Class-D amplifiers, this speaker will get your rook rocking!  The Play:5 has a convenient carrying handle and a local auxiliary input on the back.  They are available in White and Black.

Connect:Amp The Connect:Amp is a great way to incorporate your own speakers or a new pair of speakers onto a Sonos system.  This zone has a built in 55w per channel, class D amplifier to power your speakers.  This zone can be completely hidden away and controlled completely from your mobile device.For example, put this amp in your basement or attic, and run speaker wires from it to your outdoor speakers.  Go out on your deck and you have complete control of Pandora Radio, Internet Radio, Sirius, etc plus volume all from your iPhone or Android device.

Connect The Connect does not have an amplifier built-in like the Connect:Amp, but instead will connect to your existing stereo or speaker system with an available input. The Connect has an analog and optical digital output to tie into your existing home theater receiver or amplifier. For example, you have a Yamaha receiver that has two or five speakers already connected to the receiver but you want to add Sonos music (Pandora Radio, Internet Radio, Sirius, etc) into that room. Simply hook the Sonos Connect to your Yamaha receiver, select the appropriate input on the receiver, and boom, you have complete control of that zone with your mobile device controller!

Playbar and Sub: The Playbar is the answer to your simplified home theater needs.  There is absolutely no other sound bar on the market like this one.  The Sonos Playbar will wirelessly pair up with your existing or new Sonos system to give you all the music you are used to in your TV or Living Room.  The Playbar also has a digital input to connect the audio output of your television to use for your everyday TV watching experience!  It will even work with your existing TV remote control so there is no need for new, clunky remote controls.The playbar has amazing HiFi sound with Dolby Digital audio to give you a realistic room filling sound.  You can create a 3.1 sound by adding the Sonos Sub (highly recommended).  If your needs demand a full surround sound experience, you can wirelessly pair two Play:3 speakers to create a 5.1 surround sound experience!


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