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Home Automation is one of the fastest growing technologies in the U.S. Today, all you need is a smartphone and WiFi control almost every aspect of your home, from your thermostat to your window shades.

Flint Audio Video stocks, displays and installs all of the latest products from Nest, Ring, Kwiwset, enerG and Q Motion. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you have and show you how to operate your new ‘Smart Home’.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat allows you to remotely control the temperatures in your home right from your smartphone or tablet. With the Nest app you can easily schedule the device to turn off/on or set certain temperatures for certain times of the day. The Nest Thermostat is a learning system, which means it will adapt over time to your schedule, the season, and your preferences to automatically calibrate itself to save energy. Also, If the Nest detects any unusual heat levels – like from a fire – it will immediately alert you on your phone. Another great reason to invest in Nest.

Nest Smoke + CO Detector

The Nest Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector is so incredibly easy to use and user friendly, you’ll wonder how you ever lived with a traditional detector before. The Nest’s WiFi connectivity allows it to alert you on your smartphone when it senses smoke or CO levels rising too high. The Nest will remotely alert you on your smartphone if it detects any unusual smoke or carbon monoxide levels and runs monthly tests, completely silently, to ensure that you’ll never be caught off guard. Best of all, you can shut the alarm off right from your phone.

Nest and Ring Cameras

Check in to your home from anywhere with the Nest Drop Cam or Ring Stick Cam. Both cameras run off internal batteries and have adhesive pads so you can place them anywhere in your home. With the ability to connect to WiFi, the cameras can be accessed remotely from your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to check in at anytime, from any place. Both cameras also offer cloud storage options as well so you can check back in time to teach for any suspicious activity.

Ring Video Doorbell

With Ring’s built-in motion detection and mobile alerts, you’ll never miss another package again. When the Ring Doorbell is activated from either motion-detection or the press of the doorbell, you’ll be given a livestream feed from the camera to see exactly who’s at your doorstep. And, using its built-in microphone, you can communicate with your visitor right from your phone or tablet. Ring also offers cloud storage, so you can check back at any time to see who was at your house and when.

Kwikset Deadbolt

With Kwikset locks you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. Either use Kwikset’s secure keypad or the Kwikset app on your phone or tablet to unlock the door from anywhere. The Kwikset app will even keep a record of whenever someone enters your home, keeping you informed and secure. With a Kwikset lock on your exterior doors, you’ll feel secure knowing you have the most durable and protective deadbolts on the market.

Motion Shades

Using technology originialy developed for garage doors, QMotion has developed the first automated shades. QMotion shades run on low-voltage batteries so installation is a breeze and you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries for years. And don’t worry about noise, QMotion shades are designed to run completely silent and work seamlessly right from your phone, tablet, or included remote. Come into Flint and experience the magic of QMotion yourself.

enerG Lighting Automation

enerG is one of the pioneers in home automation. With energy light switches you can set the brightness in each room in your house right from your phone or tablet. enerG lights can even save you money on your utility bills by shutting off lights that aren’t being used or dimming them to an appropriate level for the time of day. They can even help with home security by turning on all the lights in the house with the touch of a button. Home lighting automation is the way of the future. Let Flint get your home ready today.


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