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Eero: Generation 2

The Ultimate WiFi Solution

The best router on the market just got even better.

Eero routers have revolutionized the way of WiFi. Eero networks work on a patented mesh network design, allowing for maximum area coverage without loss of data. That means you get the best possible coverage across your home, without having the setbacks of signal drops or dead spots.

Generation 2 of Eero makes the best product on the market even better. Gen 2 introduces tri-band technology that makes Eero routers even faster than before.

Total control.

With the Eero app, you can easy check the download and upload speeds each Eero router is producing, see which devices are currently using the network, change passwords and security settings, create a Guest network and much, much more. Speaking of security: you’ll never need to worry about security updates again. All security is handled remotely by Eero and updates occur automatically without any loss of performance. The Eero app will even determine which areas of your home could have better coverage and make suggestions on how to optimize the network to fill that gap.

Easy setup. Blanket coverage.

You don’t need to be in IT to setup an Eero network. Simply plug it in, open the app, hit “Add Eero”, repeat for each router and relax. You now how blazing fast internet and total WiFi coverage. Eero networks will even improve over time! The more you use your Eero network, the more it will learn about the layout of your home. Eventually, Eero’s routers will focus on high-demand areas and work around WiFi obstacles like chimneys.

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