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Accidental Damage Protection

Accidents happen. With a Safeware protection plan, your computer or iPad is completely covered from accidental damage like drops and spills, allowing you to enjoy your device with peace of mind. We know that you treat your devices with the utmost care, but most accidental damage happens when the device is being used by someone other than the owner. Safeware knows this, which is why they protect your device regardless of who’s using it.

For Computers

The average cost of a repair for accidental damage like a major drop or liquid spill is $800, roughly half the cost of the computer itself. With a Safeware protection plan, you are completely covered. Whether its a power surge or a drop down a flight of stairs, Safeware will replace the computer no questions asked.

For iPads and iPhones

It’s happened to us all. Your phone gets wet, the iPad slips out of your child’s hands. Accidents happen. A Safeware protection plan gives you the assurance that a simple slip of the hand won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. In most cases, Safeware will even replace your device after a second accidental damage occurrence. No deductible. No questions. Make the right choice and protect yourself with Safeware.

Safeware and Flint: A Perfect Service Partnership


When you purchase a Safeware protection plan from Flint your computer is in the best hands possible. You’ll get the expert advice and service from Flint Audio Video and the total protection from Safeware.

Our status as an authorized Apple Service Center means we that have continually provided an unparalleled level of service, our staff is knowledgeable of all Apple products, and our repair center is efficient and up to date. Our Apple certified technicians will work with you to get your repair done quickly and done right. For more information, please visit the Apple Service Center page.


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