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Apple Computers

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Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or just looking to surf the web, Flint has the right computer for you. We carry the entire line of Apple computers in a variety of sizes and specifications. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the Mac that best suits your lifestyle.

MacBook Air

Looking for something lightweight and portable? The MacBook Air may be the right fit for you. The MacBook Air is designed to provide premium computing power in a compact, stylish body. The Air’s intuitive Multi-Touch trackpad gives you total control of your laptop, allowing you to swipe between apps and pages easily and effortlessly. Utilizing new high performance, energy efficient, processors and flash storage, the MacBook Air has a battery life of up to 12 hours.


Going back to school? The new MacBooks have all of the tools you’ll need to get a great head start. With a full line of applications built-in, you’ll be able to start creating documents and reports, edit videos and songs, and video-chatting with friends right out of the box. With the new

MacBook Pro

Need something with a little more power? The MacBook Pro’s 4 blisteringly-fast processors and powerful graphics engine can take care of any project you throw at it. View your photos and movies on the highest resolution screen on the market, Apple’s Retina Display, which projects over 5 million pixels at once, or 4x’s the resolution of an HDTV. This computer is built from the ground up to exceed the standards of professionals requiring incredible processing power on the road.


With over a decade and a half of refinement, the iMac stands at the forefront of Apple’s lineup of desktop computers. With a screen size of up to 27″ and measuring less than an inch thick, the iMac will put to rest for good the anxiety of a cluttered desk. Constructed with the latest processing technology from Intel, this all-in-one desktop computer can handle video-editing, photo-editing, surfing the web, watching a movie, and more, simultaneously.

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini gives customers the ultimate freedom to personalize their home computing experience. Packing all of the features as other Macs into a 7 square inch box, the Mac Mini is the perfect fit in any home. Already own a keyboard? Want to add a gargantuan monitor? No problem. The Mac Mini is designed to work with any USB accessories, allowing you to enjoy your Mac the way that suits you best.

 Mac Pro

Starting a multi-media company, you say? We’ll custom build a Mac Pro to your specifications so you can get to work right away. The Mac Pro can be customized with up to 12 processors, 64GB of memory, dual graphics cards, a terabyte of flash storage…you get the picture. The Mac Pro is a workhorse, through and through. It will eat up your projects and be hungry for more.

Need to protect your new Mac? Flint has you covered.

We carry both hardshell-style and travel cases for MacBooks in our Apple Accessories store. Even the best case can’t protect your new Macbook from major drop or spill. That’s why Flint has proudly partnered with Safeware to provide Accidental Damage protection for all of your Apple products. Whether you shatter your iPad screen or spill coffee on your Macbook, Safeware will replace your device no questions asked.


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